New Years Intentions > New Years Resolutions: The Science Behind Why Mindset Matters If You Want

What you resist, persists, and where your attention goes, energy flows.

What are the narratives, the negative self-talk, the preoccupation on limiting beliefs, that you need to release in order to engender healing?

On the other hand, which patterns and habits do you aspire to develop and cultivate, to ingrain into your routine? The reflective practices that will elevate your consciousness and help you to actualize your healing potential?

Rather than investing in the outcome, divert your resources to invest in the process. This year, commit to a mindfulness practice, carve out space for self-care, emphasize the tonic over the toxic and learn to hone your intuition.

It is in the baby steps, the putting one foot in front of another in spite of adversity, the relaxation response-producing breaths, the active decision to choose gentleness and self-love over pressures and fear, that we find little victories and nurture that soul alchemy that leads to recovery.

I challenge you to compile your list of things you want to shed, and things you want to embrace. Construct a word cloud, from your pen to the universe's ear. From ink to your consciousness, reinforce those neural networks.

John Assaraf says, "The what always comes before the how". Many people call this manifesting, which is accompanied by New Age connotations of woo-woo, airy-fairy, crunchy-granola pseudoscience---but the basic principles are empirically validated by the disciplines of psychoneuroimmunology and emerging quantum physics research.

Verbally vocalizing and documenting physically the desires of your frontal lobe, that brain region responsible for decision-making, rational thought, and problem-solving, cements novel patterns of brain activation that will be communicated to your parietal lobes, the intention centers of your brain. Let your frontal lobe dictate the what, and your parietal lobes will govern the how.

Moreover, biophotons may explain the power of negative or positive "vibes". Weak electromagnetic waves known as ultra-weak photons or biophotons, which our bodies differentially release according to our mental state and physical health, are a sophisticated means of cell-to-cell communication contingent upon speed of light transmission.

Much of this revolutionary research brought to light by GreenMedInfo founder Sayer Ji, is revisioning the nature of the human body as an bioelectricmagnetic being and an entity of light. Produced via decay of the electronically excited molecular species secondary to oxidative metabolic pathways such as cellular respiration, biophotons can influence the heart rhythms of neighboring individuals at a conversational distance, produce cohesion in brain and heart rhythms, engender parasympathetic tone and improvements in heart rate variability, and may even be the mechanism through which energy healing produces therapeutic effects.

Positivity begets positivity. Your mindset matters. Your intentions are fundamental.

Read More About the Connection between Biophotons, Quantum Entanglement, and Human Consciousness here.


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