Reframing Illness: You Can Better Others, Even When You Feel Broken

How utterly magnificent, stop-dead-in-your-tracks, awe-inspiring is this view from the top of Boulder Mountain?

If nothing else, standing in reverence of nature's majesty made my troubles feel infinitesmal. Witnessing these rock formations, that have endured the test of time, that have weathered the infinite storms, made evident my own innate resilience---as we are all cut from the same elements. Rather than a rock and an island unto ourselves, our existence is fundamentally interconnected.

Being in nature allows for the emergence of a new consciousness, one that transitions from preoccupation on the minutiae to an awakening to the macrocosmic.

The harmony we experience in nature, the at-home-oneness we feel when immersed in the divine miracle that is planet earth, made me think about how coming home to the natural world can liberate us from our culturally conditioned ruminations.

Lately, I have been harping on the value of mindset, in finding the meaning in adversity, in seizing the opportunity for growth inherent to heartache. In grasping at the often elusive silver lining in the midst of an unrelenting storm.

We all struggle with limiting beliefs. At times I have been crippled by the mentality that I just don’t know enough to make a difference, I’m not well enough to help others, I’m not good enough to be of service. An echo chamber of reverberating limiting beliefs, drowning me in a broken record player of stagnation and a chorus of self-doubt. When it comes to negative self-talk, be a skeptic. Question the veracity, demand evidentiary support, reframe flaws in a positive light, and knock the naysayer of your inner voice off its pedestal. You are worthy, just as you are. You can better others, even when you feel broken. You are an infinite reservoir of personal experience, of your own testimonials, of trial and error and your own irreproducible vantage point through which you perceive the world. Through your vulnerability, your light at the end of the tunnel, you can be the wellspring from which inspiration bubbles and the platform that promotes transformation. Your own metamorphoses, no matter how trivial—your victories, no matter the chapter, may be the impetus for someone else to change. Silence the inner critic. You are irreplaceable, and your uniqueness makes the world a better place.


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