Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales Guide + Deepest Discounts of 2020


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well during what has certainly been a rocky and unpredictable time. The tumult, tragedy, and turmoil we have been navigating as human beings on planet earth this year has been uncomfortable at times and even excruciating at others, but my hope is that what we have experienced are merely labor pains--temporary discomfort that will ultimately birth us into a brighter, better future where we can continue to awaken collectively as to those aspects of society that desperately need changing.

My overarching message to you is that I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you for the steadfast support, encouragement, and inspiration you provide to me and for doing me the privilege of allowing me into your lives via my social media--which has enabled us to coalesce around a community of like-minded individuals, at times commiserate in shared suffering, and offer one another solutions that align with the naturally-inclined, health-minded lifestyles we all aspire to engage with and embody.

Here is my annual gift-giving guide which will give you some of the best savings of the year on my favorite products during Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

I love to support these small businesses that are doing the right thing.

It's a win-win when you purchase through my affiliate links provided on this page, as it supports my free content creation, allows you the opportunity to purchase at a deep discount (oftentimes the biggest of the year!), gives these small companies your business during difficult financial times, and enhances accessibility and affordability of these products that may have previously been out of budget.

However, I am well aware that economic times are tough, so never feel any pressure to buy things you may not need or cannot afford. The underlying foundation of my message and platform is that most of the real medicine is free--things like movement, restorative sleep, a biologically appropriate diet, sunshine, grounding, community, and purpose!

If you do, however, choose to purchase any of these products, rest assured that I have done my due diligence and thoroughly vetted them for quality, purity, and potency. I only promote products that I use personally, derive benefit from, truly love, and believe will support you in your wellness journey.

Affiliate disclosure: When you purchase through my links or use my discount codes, I earn a small commission, but no additional cost is passed onto you and you will in fact incur further savings :-)

Medical disclaimer: Nothing contained herein or on any of my social media channels should be construed as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult a licensed medical doctor prior to taking any supplement or using any healing modality.

In health,



Valid Through: 12/01/2020

AirDoctor Classic: $350 off + FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING (normally $30)

MSRP: $629 - Sale Price: $329

New AirDoctor Tower: $120 off + FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING.

MSRP: $399 - Sale Price: $279

AirDoctor Combo (AirDoctor Classic + AirDoctor Tower): $500 OFF + FREE SHIPPING.

MSRP: $1,029 - Sale Price: $529

This is my go-to air purifier because its UltraHEPA filter is 100 times more effective than ordinary HEPA filters, capturing 100% of some of the most dangerous ultra fine particles as small as .003 microns in size.

Its dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter removes dangerous ozone, gas and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde.

You can save $120 off the compact tower, which circulates the air in a 220 square foot room 6x/hour and is great for an office, nursery or road trip.

Or, you can save $300 off the classic model, which circulates the air in a 450 square foot room 6x/hour and is great for bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

The best deal is to get the combo and save $500 & get free shipping and handling!

These savings are automatically applied with my affiliate link here (sale ends Tuesday 12/2).

To read more about why I recommend AirDoctor, common FAQs on the unit, and the reasons why you investing in cleaner air is instrumental to health, check out my blog here!


MSRP $469.95

Sale Price $299 + free shipping PLUS an extra pre-filter ($19.95)

$171+ Savings!

Not all water purification systems are created equal. I use AquaTru, which uses a 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology certified to NSF standards to remove 83 contaminants, including Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrates, PFAs and many more.

Fluoride removal was especially important to me, since fluoride has been proven to impair thyroid hormone production, as three-quarters of the U.S. tap water supply is fluoridated.

This is the deepest discount AquaTru has offered, and they are also throwing in a free pre-filter so you won't need to purchase another for the first year.


Referral Code: EMPOWERED

Sauna therapy is one of the interventions that has made the biggest difference in my personal health. Infrared saunas in particular generate waves that penetrate our body and activate sweat glands, one of our primary means of eliminating toxins that can contribute to inflammatory burden.

If you have the budget and space for an in-home sauna, and don't want to opt for a more portable version like Therasage (discussed below), Clearlight is my choice for the following reasons:

✔️Highest nontoxic manufacturing standards

✔️ Full spectrum (near, mid & far infrared) heaters

✔️ Low operating cost (~20 cents/session)

✔️ Lowest & safest EMF and ELF levels on the market

✔️ Eco Certified grade “A” clear Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood

✔️ Water-based, non-toxic glues & no plywood frames so there is no chemical off-gassing

✔️Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) and ETL-C Safety Certified to meet performance standards

✔️ Chromotherapy lighting in all Jacuzzi® sauna

Clearlight is currently offering their lowest sale prices of the year! Shop Clearlight here and mention my referral code "EMPOWERED"!


Discount Code: "ALI20"

Valid Through: 11/30

Unfortunately, since I'm on a long-term road trip, my Clearlight is currently in storage. Thus, for a long time I was in the market for a portable infrared sauna to take on the road so that I can continue my detoxification regimen. I decided on Therasage because of its premium quality, and the following features it offers.

✔️ Natural Bamboo Wooden Chair

✔️ Bamboo Infrared Foot Panel

✔️ Radiant Barrier Frequency Recirculating Insulation

✔️ Dual "Tri-Lite" Red Light & Near Infrared Frequency Light Panels

✔️ Bio-Energetic Harmonizing Technology

✔️ Advanced EMF Remediation

✔️Gem Stone Technology (GST)

✔️Negative Ion Bio-Tech

✔️Advanced Earthing Technology

✔️Non-Toxic Bamboo Materials

✔️No VOC's

✔️No Off-Gassing

✔️ Full Spectrum InfraRed Frequencies - Includes Near to Far Infrared

It's portable and compact enough that we take it into and out of the Airbnbs we stay at. With consistent use, I've noticed improvements in my sleep, energy, inflammation, and skin health.

If you've been thinking of investing in a far infrared sauna, now is the time because you can't beat this price! Purchase here and use my code "ALI20" to save 20% on Therasage.


Discount Code: ALI

Valid Through: 11/30

Applies to: Laundry Kit, Starter Kit, Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost, Glass Bottle Kit and Travel Kits.

One of the most pivotal steps I took in regaining health was making the transition to nontoxic products (read more about why in my blog here).

After all, the conventional cleaning agents that are ubiquitous on the supermarket and drug store shelves contain ingredients with known neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity, carcinogenicity, allergenicity, and even reproductive and developmental toxicity.

Not only that, but chemicals within mainstream cleaning agents are endocrine disrupters, mimicking naturally occurring hormones in the body, binding to the same receptors and wreaking havoc on our delicate hormonal balance.

Although making the transition can seem daunting, the switch can be done incrementally, and one of the best places to start is with your cleaning supplies.

Many do not realize that just inhaling chemical cleaners, or being exposed topically through the skin, can be enough to elicit deleterious reactions.

In addition, chemical cleaning supplies are contributing to poor indoor air quality—which the EPA classifies as one of the top 5 threats to public health.

In fact, the EPA states that indoor air pollutants may be up to 100x higher than levels of outdoor pollutants, and chemical cleaning agents are one primary contributor.

Branch Basics is my go-to nontoxic, human-safe, plant- and mineral-based brand of cleaning agents. You just dilute their Concentrate according to bottle specifications to make their All-Purpose Cleaner, Streak-free Glass Cleaner, Laundry Detergent, Bathroom Cleaner, and Foaming Hand Soap!

You buy the kit once and refill the bottles. If you'd rather opt for glass, this is the first time I've ever seen them discount their glass bottle kit (buy here)!

You can save 20% on Branch Basics Starter Kits with affiliate code "ALI".


Discount Code: DaysyUS+152

Valid Through: 11/30

I'm not personally a fan of hormonal birth control due to potential for micronutrient depletions, dysbiosis, intestinal permeability, and immune polarizations among other risks. Instead, I like natural family planning and Daysy is my go-to device to help support that process.

Daysy is a German-made, Swiss-designed, hormone-free solution for managing your fertility and cycle. It uses a sophisticated algorithm based on a database of 5 million menstrual cycles from over 500,000 users to calculate when you are fertile and when you are not so that you can take precautions if you are avoiding pregnancy (or plan accordingly if you are trying to conceive).

Using precise and sensitive sensor with which you take your basal body temperature, Daysy calculates when you are fertile and when you are not. On your fertile days, it is possible for you to conceive; outside of your fertile window, it is not. You track your fertility status based on the following (per their website):

- If Daysy shows you a red light, Daysy predicts you are fertile / possibly fertile.

- If Daysy shows you a green light, Daysy predicts you are not fertile.

- If Daysy shows you a red flashing light, that is your predicted day of ovulation.

- Yellow lights indicate cycle fluctuations. They can also mean that Daysy is still in the learning phase and should be considered potentially fertile.

Many also use Daysy for pregnancy planning to optimize the window in which they attempt to conceive.

Remember, this is not medical advice and is for informational and educational purposes only. I recommend consulting with a licensed medical doctor prior to using to make sure Daysy is right for your needs, as well as using it in concert with other metrics such as cervical mucus and breast tenderness to become intimately familiar with the phases of your cycle and get to know your body better, especially if using for contraceptive purposes.

You can save 25% on Daysy now with my affiliate code "DaysyUS+152" - purchase here!


Discount Code: ALI

Valid Through: 11/30

Agent Nateur is hands-down my favorite nontoxic, all-natural skin care line. It is expertly formulated with ageless European active ingredients that have been clinically tested, ensuring their safety and potency. They are organic or wild-crafted, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and Ecocert certified, and committed to sustainability and socially conscious practices.

All Agent products are abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and plant extracts and have done absolute wonders for my skin.

My favorites are the holi(c)--a naturally occurring, stable and water-soluble form of vitamin C powder and a French patented calcium that is activated by mixing a dime size amount with the holi(water) pearl and rose hyaluronic toner, another product I am obsessed with. The sodium ascorbic phosphate (SAP/vitamin C) reduces oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals, which reduces aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

This form of vitamin C likewise has been demonstrated to exert antimicrobial effects against acne in studies. The same group of researchers found that SAP produced improvements in acne in 76.9% of subjects when used for 12 weeks--a percentage that far exceeds most acne treatments.

I also love Agent Nateur's holi(rose) deodorant (unlike a lot of natural deodorants, theirs actually work!) and the holi(glow) ageless eye serum and holi(bath) coconut milk bath.

You can save 25% off sitewide with my affiliate code "ALI"--an exceptional deal for such a premium brand! Shop here.


Discount Code: No code needed. Get a free tote bag on purchases $150+ with code "FREETOTE" & free shipping with orders $100 in USA

Valid Through: 11/30

Olivia has amassed a cult following for expertly crafting all of her herbal formulations, which get rave reviews due to their unparalleled efficacy.

All of her products are in my herbal apothecary. I turn to this natural pharmacopeia for hay fever and histamine issues (Allergy Juice), detoxification and biotransformation support (Liver Juice), help with digestion and assimilation (Digestive Juice), immune support (Immune Shroom, Not Your Average Probiotic, ZincPlus), and stress (Adrenal Recovery Formula).

I also use her Flow Balance to help with hormonal balance and regulating my menstrual cycle, and her Mane Magic is very popular for hair growth.

Olivia's ThyroPro also just launched for those who want extra thyroid support, including thyroid cofactors and herbs that assist with conversion from inactive pro-hormone T4 to the metabolically active free T3.

This is the ONE time of year Olivia discounts her products, and you can get a free tote once you hit the $150 threshold (as well as free shipping on orders $100+)! Shop her site here.


Discount Code: ALI

Valid Through: 1/1/21

This may very well be one of my favorite products of 2020! Active Skin Repair contains hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a naturally occurring molecule that is endogenously produced by our bodies’ white blood cells to facilitate healing.

This medical-grade molecule, used in hospitals, is clinically proven regenerative technology that mobilizes and supports the natural healing process of the body. Researchers in Wounds Medical Journal State, “Studies support an HOCl solution as a powerful anti-bacterial and ideal wound care agent without any local side effects such as allergy or dermal irritation.”'

It is safe to use around the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes--is natural, nontoxic, and non-sensitizing, and contains no alcohol, petroleum or added fragrances.

I use the Active Skin Repair Spray on my face several times per day for acne, the Active Skin Repair hydrogel for sunburns, wounds, skin irritation, and insect bites, and the Active Antimicrobial Hand & Face: All-Natural Hydrogel Spray for wounds and insect bites (I even used it on my stye to heal it faster!)

Save 25% off site-wide with my affiliate code "ALI".


Discount Code: ALI

Valid Through: 12/1/20

Upto 30% off collagen + wellness products sitewide, including their newest immunity boosters: Elderberry Soothing Syrup and Ultimate Immune Support

Collagen protein is the most abundant protein in the body, comprising 70% of the skin and 90% of our connective tissue and bone matrix. As we age, starting in our 20s, our collagen production wanes.

Since our Western diet is severely deficient in collagen, the easiest way to get your collagen in is from a high quality supplement.

Collagen is a secret anti-aging weapon in my holistic arsenal—as it may minimize the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks as well as improve skin elasticity and support stronger hair, nails, and teeth.

The amino acids in collagen peptides not only aid digestion, but help repair the tight junctions in the intestinal lining, reducing gut inflammation and healing leaky gut.

Collagen also strengthens bones, tendons, joints and ligaments, can reduce joint pain and stiffness—it is truly an anti-aging superfood.

Further Food is one of the ONLY women-owned and operated supplement companies in the world.

They are a mission-driven company that donates a portion of their proceeds to a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about chronic illness and healthy eating.

✔️ Free from sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or any added ingredient

✔️ Facilities are NSF cGMP certified, which is the highest quality certification for supplements

✔️ Packaged in 100% Post-Consumer Recycled jars

✔️ Bovine collagen is grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free

✔️ Marine collagen—the most bioavailable form of collagen—sustainably-sourced from wild-caught, North Atlantic codfish

Not only do I love and use Further Food collagen supplements (which have made a world of difference not only in my symptoms but also have made my hair and nails grow like a weed!) but I also use and love the following products of theirs:

- Premium Ashwagandha for adrenal support, which is the highest potency I have found on the market

- Premium Curcumin Turmeric for mitigating inflammation, which is formulated with bioavailability boosters

- Elderberry Syrup, which is low sugar, combined with honey and traditional warming spices cinnamon and cloves. Elderberry has been shown in studies to reduce cold durations & symptoms

For Giving Tuesday, Further Food is donating 100% of their proceeds to La Cocina, a phenomenal non-profit that provides economic support to low-income immigrant women of color run their small businesses.

Their Emergency Relief Fund is dedicated to supporting female food entrepreneurs from underserved communities recover from the financial tolls they are facing this year due to the impact of COVID.

Refer-a-friend discount is still valid during and after the sale, so that you can get $5 off your order if you're a Rewards Member and you refer a friend.

Shop their site wide sale with my affiliate link here!


Discount Code: ALI35

Valid Through: 11/30/20

There are numerous therapeutic phytocannabinoids within the hemp plant, which are collectively more powerful than any administered in isolation—per the “entourage effect”.⁣⁣⁣


This is just one reason why I use full-spectrum hemp oil in order to derive the synergistic benefit of the cannabinoids working in unison.


I like NuLeaf Naturals for the following reasons:

✔️ Lab tested to contain the optimal amount of CBD and is free of over 200 different pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins

✔️ USA grown on licensed Colorado farms using sustainable practices

✔️ Full spectrum to preserve all the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils + other therapeutic compounds

✔️cGMP and ISO certified certified by the Detox Project to be pesticide free, including free of glyphosate

✔️Organic + contains no additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, and flavors so plant is in its purest form

✔️CO2 extraction methods, no heat or solvents

Using their CBD consistently has helped me with pain and sleep and also helps me relax (not medical advice - just my personal experience!)

Use my affiliate discount code "ALI35" for 35% off NuLeaf products. This code expires at 11:59PM on 11/30 so don't miss out! ⁣⁣⁣⁣


Discount Code: BF25

Valid Through: 11/30/20