Labor Day Weekend Wellness Sales: Top Picks for 2022

Here are some of my favorite Labor Day Weekend deals in the health, wellness, and biohacking sphere. Shop with my affiliate discount codes provided below for extra savings!

  • AIR PURIFIER: AirDoctor is offering $110 off their newly launched, brand new AirDoctor 2000 professional grade air purifier, specifically engineered for small spaces like small bedrooms, nurseries, home offices, laundry rooms, and more. With its built-in handles and small frame size, you can easily to transport AirDoctor from room to room or throw it in your suitcase and take it on a trip. AirDoctor is the affordable purifier that not only removes virtually 100% of airborne particles, but also the vast majority of toxic ozone, volatile organic compounds, and gas in indoor environments. All sizes of AirDoctor are independently tested to capture particles 100 times smaller than the HEPA standard. It likewise filters mold spores, allergens, pollen, dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke, VOCs like formaldehyde, and other contaminants that create poor indoor air quality--ranked by the EPA as one of the top 5 environmental threats to human health.

  • FULL SPECTRUM INFRARED SAUNA: Therasage has been my steady standby for a full-spectrum portable sauna. Because it contains full spectrum infrared heating panels created with Tourmaline gemstones, it is a slightly higher price point than the sauna blanket below. It is made of non-toxic bamboo materials, and even contains an earthing mat so that you obtain the benefits of grounding if you live in a cold weather climate. You can use code "ALI20" to save 20% off sitewide on all Therasage products--double my normal discount! I also love their Infrared Healing Pads which feature full spectrum, deep penetrating infrared heat, with natural jade stones to generate negative ions and grounding therapy. (ends 9/5)

  • SAUNA BLANKET: Higher Dose is offering 20% off site-wide, including their infrared sauna blankets and infrared PEMF mats (some exclusions apply). I've been loving their sauna blanket which has a healing amethyst & tourmaline layer that deepens the benefits of infrared and naturally generates negative ions, which fight free radicals. It passes all non-VOC standards, is low ELF/EMF, and contains a charcoal/clay layer to binds to pollutants, helping to flush out impurities and deepen your detox. If you have a limited budget or space (ie. dorm room), this is a great option! (ends 9/5)

  • HAND-HELD RED LIGHT THERAPY: LUMEBOX is offering their portable red light for 40% off. LUMEBOX is FDA registered, 3rd party tested for safety, irradiance & EMF. Most units on the market do not tick these boxes, and if they do, will cost $500+. However, with this special, you can get LUMEBOX for $349 ($250 off!)--an incredible deal for a portable unit that is bigger, premium quality with unrivaled power. They sold out within 24 hours at presell, and 48 hours at launch so be sure to take advantage of this special. While I love my BioLight for full size units, this is a great portable option to travel on the go with. By popular request, I spoke to my friend Vivian, the founder of LUMEBOX, to get you this incredible deal. Red light has proven benefits for skin health, inflammation reduction, and improved recovery.

  • ORGANIC BEDDING: Simply Organic is offering a free throw blanket on orders $300+ and 20% off with code "ALI" Their bedding is crafted from 100% viscose from organically-grown bamboo, grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Their sheets are designed with a sateen that feels softer than cotton. It's exceptionally breathable, with temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties, and It's also certified organically-grown bamboo by ECOCERT® and certified free of harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Bamboo is a renewable, sustainable resource that is a good choice for the environment and future generations, as it can be grown as quickly as it can be replenished. They are also hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and an ideal choice for those with allergies, as bamboo sheets resist dust mites, mold, and mildew, giving the allergy sufferer fewer symptoms such as sneezing or itching during the night.

  • REGENERATIVE MEAT DELIVERY: Wild Pastures is offering 20% OFF for Life + Free Shipping for Life + $15 OFF your first Wild Pastures box. They source only Grass-Fed and Finished beef as well as Pasture-Raised pork and poultry from U.S. family run farms. They source only domestically from regenerative farms adhering to Temple Grandin standards of animal husbandry, meaning they ensure animals are treated as humanely as possible through their entire life cycle. By mimicking nature through meticulous holistic land management, Wild Pastures is helping regenerate the top soil and sequester carbon drawdown in a quantifiable way. They are also about 40%+ cheaper than most of their competitors due their whole animal utilization program & creative delivery methods (ends 9/9)

  • CLEANER SKIN CARE BRAND: DIME Beauty is offering 25% off sitewide with code "LABORDAY25." This is one of my favorite cleaner skin care lines that is free of a laundry list of toxic compounds like toluene, coal tar, ethanol amines, formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, mineral oil, parabens, polyethylene glycol (PEG), and perfluorinated compounds. They are vegan, cruelty free, come in sustainable glass packaging, and their ingredients that rank well on Environmental Working Group (EWG). My favorite products are their intoxicating phthalate-free perfumes--made with a combination of safe synthetics and botanically derived natural agents. My other favorites are their TBT cream, their clean retinol alternative for acne-prone skin, their Luminosity Eye Serum for under-eye bags and dark circles, and their Eyelash Boost Serum and Eyebrow Enhancing Gel to help with lash and brow growth, thickness and volume.

  • CLEAN MAKEUP: Clove and Hallow is offering 25% off sitewide This is one of my absolute favorite cosmetic brands and an award-winning ethical vegan cosmetics line, boasting sustainable packaging and luxurious formulations with 15 ingredients or less. They use both natural ingredients and safe synthetics that have been reviewed for safety and have undergone toxicological analysis. Their lipsticks, concealer, powder, mascara, and eyeshadows are staples in my collection! (ends 9/5)

  • BLUE BLOCKERS + BIOHACKING: Bon Charge (formerly BluBlox) is offering 25% off sitewide. They are my go-to choice for blue-blocking glasses, black out sleep masks, and more. Wearing blue blocking glasses after sundown can help preserve melatonin production, as blue light emitted by electronics at night disrupts the production of our hormone of sleep (ends 9/5)

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: Further Food, one of my favorite female-owned whole food supplement companies, is offering $15 off their Immunity Warrior Bundle with my code "ALIHEALTHY" which is is essentially the same as getting the Elderberry Soothing Syrup for free. It also comes with their Ultimate Immune Support, a comprehensive doctor-formulated supplement I've traveled the globe with, that contains 27 of nature’s most potent ingredients, including clinically researched herbs and vitamins C, D and zinc (ends 9/5).

  • POWERHOUSE PROBIOTIC: One of the probiotics I take, P3OM from biOptimizers, is 20% off with code "P3OM20". It contains 2.5 billion CFU of a patented super-strain Lactobacillus Planetarium OM, providing friendly "good guy” bacteria to fight off and displace the "bad guys" and help your good gut bacteria win-the-war inside you--establishing a healthier overall microbiota composition. It may also assist with protein digestion and assimilation and help reduce gut inflammation. Since taking it twice daily, I have experienced healthier digestion overall, and a reduction in unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms like gas and bloating. You can also save 10% off their entire line including my favorite magnesium supplement from this brand--Magnesium Breakthrough--which contains all 7 forms of magnesium, with code "ALI"

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE SUPPLEMENTS: BodyBio is offering 20% off sitewide. They make one of my all-time favorite supplements, BodyBio PC, which combines four forms of pure phospholipids to support cell membrane integrity and for targeted and effective brain support. BodyBio PC is a non-GMO, pure liposomal phospholipid complex, meaning the pure phospholipids are not broken apart and are instantly utilized, helping to re-build every cell in your body (not medical advice; consult your licensed doctor before taking any supplement). For me, it was helpful in dealing with the cognitive symptoms that accompanied mold toxicity. They also offer liposomal glutathione, the master antioxidant of the body, butyrate to support gut health, and more (ends 9/5).

  • KION ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Save upto 35% off sitewide on Kion, a high quality fitness supplement brand that offers some of my favorites for supporting an active lifestyle. For instance, I take their aminos and chocolate clean protein help support lean muscle building and enhance athletic recovery. I also use their creatine for mitochondrial health, to reduce post-exercise fatigue, and support muscle mass and strength (ends 9/5)

  • ORGANIFI: Get free shipping on Glow + 20% off with code "ALI20" - their raspberry lemonade blend that contains ingredients to brighten skin and support endogenous collagen synthesis with tremella mushroom, acerola cherry, and amla. Stock up before Glow goes away for the season! (ends 9/6)

Medical Disclaimer: Nothing contained herein represents medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content on this website and my social media channels is for educational and informational purposes only. Always consult your licensed medical doctor prior to using red light therapy, implementing any diet, supplement, lifestyle change or health modality discussed.

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