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"Beautiful articulation of your thoughts and feelings....You are already inspiring, comforting, and lighting the way for others (you may not even know the impact you are having" -Jessica B.

"There are no words to encompass how I feel about your writing. So poetic and beautiful---describing in perfect cadence what it feels to be human. So much love."

-Syanna W.

"Girl your story is so moving and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences with your autoimmune illnesses. It's eye opening and empowering to see what you've been able to do with a glimmer of that hope - like seeking answers for yourself. You're such a bright light in this sometimes dark world. Keep shining."

-Kelly M.

"I am so grateful to have stumbled onto your page and found an honest, knowledgeable voice of wisdom and inspiration. Keep being real, keep being you, and thank you for sharing it." -Alison D.

"Thank you for sharing your truth. You are an amazing soul! Keep transforming, healing, and spreading your light!" -Elysha M.

Ali, your words are  beyond moving, they give me chills. You are such a glimmer of inspiration. Please write a book! Your story will help thousands of others suffering, looking for healing, and begging for healing. I feel honored to read your beautiful words, and also grateful for the hope you provide to me. You are meant to be a healer my dear, and you have one very special gift at that. Thank you and sending you so much love." -Katie

"I love your science-based posts as well as your motivational ones. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your passion is inspiring---keep up the awesome work! Much love to you." -Jessica S.

"When you stumble upon a story of another that resonates so much with your own, it just hits you with such a powerful force. Thank you for your will and bravery in enduring this all and still being kind enough to share your struggles openly for everyone who needs them. Blessings and sending love." -Siri

You're such an amazing influence, love what you speak about and your mission. I work in functional medicine and you honestly have changed my life....You've helped me help my patients. Thank you for that." -Brittney

"I relate and love every word. Wish I could mass mail your posts out. Respect you and that amazing passion so much. You rock." -Amy

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