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My mission is to encourage you to return to your powder. To reclaim medical autonomy, bodily agency, and informed consent when it comes to what you put into and onto your body.


My philosophy is rooted in cultivating radical responsibility when it comes to our own health while empowering others with a return to the ancestral tenets of wellness and fundamental principles of health--community, purpose, diet, movement, sleep, and the healing potency of our own bodies & nature.


For the first quarter century of my life, I was the perpetual patient—endlessly scoped, scanned, poked, prodded, and saddled with an ever-expanding inventory of diagnoses. I suffered from dysautonomia symptoms most of my life, but my health really deteriorated around the time I went to college. Despite being subjected to invasive medical procedures, exhausting all the pharmaceutical remedies conventional medicine offered, and being referred through a revolving door of reputed specialists at the most prestigious institutions, I only got worse.


My intuition told me there had to be a better way. Once I immersed myself in research, became my own health advocate, self- experimented, and adopted healing strategies in the realms of integrative medicine and nutritional therapy, I began to experience tangible improvements and eventually tapered off of all symptom suppressive pharmaceutical drugs, replacing the deleterious pill-for-every-ill approach that predominates in biomedicine with the bio-individualized, therapeutic partnership and root-cause resolution paradigm embraced by functional medicine.


Confronting my chronic, inflammatory diseases through nutrition and lifestyle interventions and by identifying the functional medicine antecedents, triggers, and mediators in particular produced such a metamorphosis in my own life that I became motivated to educate on a larger scale in order to help others re-claim agency in their health care and recapture the vitality we all deserve.

Instead of surrendering your power to a paternalistic and patriarchal medical establishment, I aspire to encourage others to reconnect to their own intuition, return to the ancestral tenets of wellness, and to witness the transformative potential of whole foods nutrition as well as correcting the divorce from nature that is the root of debility, dysfunction, and dis-ease.

I understand their is a time and place for conventional medicine but also seek to showcase the immense power of preventative lifestyle strategies and the low risk, non-invasive, biocompatible approaches that can help the body re-establish harmony and homeostasis. My mission is to promote scientific literacy and educate others on evidence-based, empirically rooted holistic healing modalities and to motivate adoption of food-as-medicine as well as basic pillars of wellness that everyone can incorporate.

I am a proponent of the healing power of nature, a nontoxic lifestyle, and the essential truth that our bodies are fundamentally powerful vessels of repair, renewal, and regeneration when we correct the evolutionary mismatch that plagues modern society. My philosophy is that healing is a oftentimes merely matter of providing the ingredients for wellness and removing the obstacles and impediments to health.

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